2 experts, 2 backgrounds in the fresh, frozen and organic industry, looking forward to representing you with professionalism and joie de vivre.

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What we offer

We are a small business and intend to remain small. We source produce (organic, fresh, dry and frozen) from Central and South America from growers we visit as often as possible; tasting the produce of their hard labor and inspecting the facilities is our joy. We Only work with growers, customers and individuals we enjoy, respect and share identical values with. It is often mentioned working with small companies gives the feeling of working in a family spirit. The family creates a lot of positiveness and energy for long term projects. We also represent specific exporters with an incredible savoir faire in their field, wih a strong focus on organic, sustainability and people.

Exporter’s agent

Commercial agent for exporters. We only represent growers which have a deep understanding of our values

News and Announcements

Sharing our stories and thoughts so you get to know us better, some Stats and interesting articles we thought worth sharing


We travel to look for new products and new suppliers. Finfing the right ones is the key for long term succes. We allow you to be immersed in the local cultures.



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Why choose us ?

We understand your time is precious and finding time to explore new opportunities across the globe can seem like a daunting task. We can make a difference for you and provide a new life to your organization. We can promise you we will provide you our services with objectivity, sincerity and respect. We are passionate about our work. We are looking forward to meeting yand working with you.

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Our mission is to use our expertise and joie de vivre to connect producers, customers and consumers worldwide, to contribute to everyone’s success and satisfaction, while promoting healthy and sustainable fresh and frozen produce.


  • Our Vision is to be highly regarded by all our partners. The continuous development of our services, our hard work and our reliability are allowing our customers to be successful and enjoying themselves.
    We all smile, we are making a difference.


  • Respect for All individuals
    Creation of Win-Win partnerships
    Customer focused
    Embrace and drive change
    Acting daily for our planet
    FUN! Have fun with a positive attitude